Guest Speaker from India

Sunday, October 13th, Paul Renganathan of Chennai, India will be speaking in the morning adult auditorium class and the worship hour. We have worked with him for many years and he regularly sends newsletters about the work in Chennai and the surrounding area. He leads a ministry in India that started in the early 1980’s … [Read more…]

Leadership Training for Christ Signup

Just a reminder to the LTC participants, please turn in your registration forms to Terri no later than Saturday, October 5th (via text, mail, pin it to the bulletin board in the foyer or hand it in personally) if you haven’t done so already. The meeting for the adult volunteers is October 6th and we’ll … [Read more…]

Sunday Evening Study

After we have put our trust in God, we will be subject to his call throughout our lives to live out his purposes for us. Our calling will certainly be to serve in our local church for the welfare of all its members. In addition to that, God’s calling can and likely will involve being … [Read more…]

Lessons from 1 & 2 Kings

Sunday, September 15th the morning adult Bible class will begin the next section of the study “The Choices We Make”. These lessons will be from stories in 1 & 2 Kings.

Wednesday Evening Video Series

Wednesday, August 7th at 7 PM we are starting the next video series, “Promised Land”. Travel to Israel and radically change your understanding of the Scriptures. Wet your feet in the Jordan River and journey to Jericho. Ray Vander Laan will take us to the Promised Land to see how God’s people were to impact … [Read more…]